About Us

For a true sample of what Sreemangal has to offer, come stay at Tea Heaven Resort to experience the stunning views of the Tea Gardens and the kind hospitality of the people here.

Tea Heaven Resort was created to offer the maximum comfort to its clients. The rooms are spacious, furnished and decorated in a modern style which allows the perfect use of space. The conference room is ideal for organizing workshops or team building. We invite you to enjoy the services we offer.

The rooftop restaurant, with a capacity of 80 seats offers a comfortable, elegant atmosphere and chefs will delight savor the tastes of Bangladeshi and international cuisine, giving you an unique experience.

Tea Heaven Resort has become a legend in its own right, offering guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life through luxurious accommodations, world-class dining, legendary service, and year-round recreation.

The company considers guest loyalty the key driver of its growth. By continually improving its business practices, with a focus on empowering and motivating staff, Tea Heaven Resort aims to lead in its hotel and resort’s competitive sets, strengthen its brand and in turn grow its customer base.We respect the environment wherever possible – the local culture and people are vital ingredients to any successful destination. Sustainability has always been a natural element for us – this is about future proofing the asset.

We create pthoughtful, original ideas by being aware of the market and above all question and ask ourselves ‘who is this for and what do they want’. We always add these ingredients and more. We look after the staff by training, recognition and empowerment. The staff is our secret weapon. No matter where you are and how beautiful the backdrop – you have to deliver outstanding, authentic service. This is what we do.